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Putin's new move – forced migrants |  the world

Putin's new move – forced migrants | the world

Vladimir Putin signed a new presidential decree on Thursday.

The new law stipulates that immigrants serving in the Russian army must obtain citizenship – within a month.

Meanwhile, there are reports of thousands of migrants being forcibly detained in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

A Russian MT-LB armored personnel carrier exploded in a minefield in Ukraine. This, according to sources on social media, is a step to create a corridor for Russian soldiers. The so-called “kamikaze tank”.

Vladimir Putin signed a new presidential decree on Thursday.

picture: Kristina Kormilitsyna/Sputnik/Kremlin // EPAT News Agency

Already on New Year's Eve, the first reports came from the largest Russian cities.

In Sankt Peterburg, the authorities arrested 3,000 migrants, according to… Moscow Times Many of them received calls to the army immediately.

Others were forcibly taken to registration offices throughout the city.

Now Putin wants to “reward” immigrants who serve in the Russian army.

Citizenship – within one month

Proect Mediaa project of an exiled Russian journalist, reviewed the new decree signed by Putin Tuesday.

Migrants who are already serving – or have served – for Russia in Ukraine should be given a fast track to Russian citizenship. She should be able to go as fast as she can for a month.

Migrants from former Soviet countries in Central Asia, such as Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, are believed to be most affected by the decree.

– This is a sign that the usual conscription is not going well, says Sergei Krivenko of the human rights organization Citizen. Proect.

Earlier in December, Putin ordered the Russian Defense Ministry to increase the number of troops in Ukraine by about 170,000 soldiers, bringing the total number to 1.3 million.