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Twins have different birth years – twin cases

Twins have different birth years – twin cases

They had twins with different birth years.

This happened to a couple from Connecticut and a couple from New Jersey earlier this year today.

“We said Happy New Year while trying to get baby number two out,” new twin mom Eve Humphrey tells ABC6.

Eve and Billy Humphrey with newborn twins Ezra and Ezekiel.

picture: Virtua Voorhees Hospital

Ezra and Ezekiel Humphrey.

picture: Virtua Voorhees Hospital

Twins Sully and Seven Maurice.

picture: Yale New Haven Hospital

New Jersey couple Eve and Billy Humphrey were expecting twin boys due in late January. But the children were in a hurry.

As the twelfth stroke was rapidly approaching on New Year's Eve, Eve was in the midst of childbirth.

“I was still grumbling when everyone started counting down and we said Happy New Year in the middle of trying to get baby number two out,” Eve says.

“People will say, 'You're lying.'”

Ezra was born at 11.48pm on New Year's Eve, and “little brother” Ezekiel was born at 12.28am on New Year's Day, meaning the twins have different birth years.

– They are very sweet. “I am very happy that they are doing well,” says Eve.

However, the new mum believes the babies will “have a hard time convincing people” that they are actually twins.

– They will ask when is their birthday. One answers to January and the other to December. “Then they say they're twins and people will say, 'You're lying,'” Eve says.

Born three minutes apart – different years

Michael and Alia Kiyomi Morris of Hamden, Connecticut, had a similar experience.

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The seventh son was born one minute before midnight on New Year's Eve 2023. “Little sister” Sulli was born three minutes later when it was New Year's Day 2024.

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