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Putin’s warning: ‘Don’t inflame the situation’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now warning countries against imposing more sanctions.

He wants to normalize relations with the outside world again.

– We have no evil intentions towards our neighbors, he says on Russian state television.

Russian President Vladimir Putin Now he warns countries around the world to impose more sanctions on Russia.

This would only “aggravate the situation,” the Russian president said.

The British BBC reports Referring to a statement broadcast by the state TV channel Rossiya 24.

– We have no evil intentions towards our neighbors, says the Russian president.

Before meeting with foreign ministers

Putin’s television appearance comes in contact with foreign ministers of countries in the West to discuss how to keep pressure on Russia, according to the BBC.

In his televised address, Putin also asked the outside world to return to the way they had previously dealt and cooperated with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He says that those who refuse to cooperate with Russia will themselves be harmed by it.

– The Russian president says it will make relations worse.

He also says that Russia will be able to adapt to all sanctions.

Vladimir Putin also reiterated his earlier claims that all actions taken by his army were in response to aggression against Russia.

Cluster bombs

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg held a news conference on Friday.

– We just concluded an extraordinary meeting. Stoltenberg said Russia launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, which NATO strongly condemns.

He stated that Russia attacked several civilian targets in Ukraine.

Many civilians were wounded and killed. He says the coming days are likely to get worse, with more wounded and dead.

He also said there was now evidence that Russia used cluster munitions in Ukraine.

– We saw that they used cluster bombs and we received reports that they used other weapons that violate international law.

Stoltenberg also called on Putin to immediately end his invasion of Ukraine.

A burning building in Kyiv after a Russian attack.