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Pyotr Jakos about her transgender daughter.  Journalist's comment at the Forest Opera

Pyotr Jakos about her transgender daughter. Journalist’s comment at the Forest Opera

One of the leaders of the Top Sopot Festival is Piotr Jacos. While he was on stage, the journalist mentioned his professional experience. He also mentioned personal experiences.

“I talked to parents like me who are parents of transgender people in Poland. We talked for hours. They became heroes and I hope they are yours too,” said Piotr Jakos.

The journalist mentioned the special issue of “Black on White” on TVN24, where you can see Jako’s statement, “Everything about my baby”. The material aired in March. He talked about the lives of transgender and non-binary people in Poland. Parents of LGBT + people talked about fear and rejection. At the end of the report, Jacos added a commitment to “Victoria – Dad.”

In June, Piotr Jacobs decided to talk about his transgender daughter Victoria in “Replica” magazine. Last year, a woman told her parents that she had adjusted her gender.

At Sopot, a journalist argued: “We could see these children hiding behind one of the LGBT letters. Once a very intelligent person told me that we should all fight for minority rights because each of us can suddenly become this minority: because we get sick, because it gets poor. It ages or loses power. “

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His words were given with applause. Jaco added: “As we fight for minority rights, we are fighting for ourselves, for our dignity.” Ania Zederzhovska, who came with him on stage, said briefly: “Stop excluding!”.