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Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw on MagentaTV / Ballack advised: “Smaller laps…

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw on MagentaTV / Ballack advised: “Smaller laps…

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Munich (OTS)

The start of the World Cup with MagentaTV. Expert Michael Ballack advises the German national team even before the draw: “Bake small rolls, it will be hard enough!” Even if the team is developing well under Hansi Flick: “Hansi brings the package with him.” Hansi Flick said this about the group draw with Spain, Japan, New Zealand or Costa Rica: “We are happy. We have a group where you have to be there from the start. This is crucial in the end. We want to go as far as possible, preferably in the final.” DFB captain Manuel Neuer explained to MagentaTV that the team should use the Nations League in the World Cup: “In order to draw attention to us with the necessary respect. And in order to also travel to the tournament where everyone says: This German is one team to be reckoned with.” DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff on the draw: “Spain is difficult, of course, but that’s not our thing now!”

Here are the most important data from the World Cup draw on MagentaTV – please take the MagentaTV source into account.

The choice of the German Football Association should “bake smaller rolls!”

Michael Ballack, MagentaTV World Cup Expert, on the German national team under Hansi Flick: “If you look at the recent past or at our results, we have to bake little cakes. We were recently eliminated from the group stage in the World Cup, despite the easy group. He was eliminated relatively early in the European Championship as well. In a way that is not satisfactory individually, We are well represented. We still have a good team. A good combination of experience and talent. But we didn’t manage to maintain it after the success of 2014, and above all, to criticize our performance. That’s what we did “Many teams didn’t succeed, world champions or European champions. We learned the hard way. Hansi Flick is a good guy to take back the team spirit and focus on our strengths. But as I said: baking small laps would be hard enough.”

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Michael Ballack on Hansi Flick: “Hansi will bring the package with him. I trust him to make a difference with the team. You have to pull some strings. Sometimes things aren’t that big.”

Michael Ballack on the World Cup Player of the Year: “The French are my favorites today, 6 months ago.” To the German group says: “Possible!”

Michael Ballack on the current German national team in an international comparison: “It’s important to find the balance between attack and defence. I’m the best player at the back, we looked really good there. Full-backs are different players for me, we don’t have at the moment.”

Neuer’s claim is to appear “where everyone says: This is a German team to be reckoned with.”

Captain Manuel Neuer – previously run from the Bayern Munich team hotel in Freiburg – to the German group duel Spain after a 0:6 defeat, which is still far behind“I don’t think something like this happens to us twice. We are on the right track. Under Hansi Flick we are trying to usher in a new era. Games in the Nations League are important tests again. We’re all positive and in good spirits that we will have a good tournament.” .. for us start from the beginning. Only the victories in this group matter to us. That’s why summer is so important for us to play against big teams in Europe. “

Neuer review: “We haven’t covered ourselves with glory in recent tournaments, we definitely want to change that.” They want to take advantage of the summer in the Nations League “that we leave as winners. In order to draw attention to us with the necessary respect. Then travel to a tournament where everyone says: This is a German team, this is to be expected. We have confidence”.

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Flick to the German group: “We are happy!”

National coach Hansi Flick on MagentaTV about the draw and his team’s ambitions: “Everyone has their own strength. We are happy. We have a group where you have to be there from the start. That’s what matters in the end. We want to go as far as possible, preferably to the final. We really have to get through everything paused for a while. 90 minutes, what is our strength! …. We are satisfied as it is “”

Flick doesn’t want to look beyond the group stage: “First of all, it’s honestly about surviving the group stage.”

Bierhoff: “Spain is tough, of course, but we don’t really like it”

German Football Association Director Oliver Bierhoff: “Spain is tough of course, that’s not really our thing now, when I think about 2010 and 2012. Or about the Nations League. But we’ll find the means there. Of course, our goal is to get past the group. Maybe at the beginning and then you’ll see how far you can get.”

Hosting the World Cup is controversial given the human rights situation in the host country. You can find out more about Deutsche Telekom’s position on this topic here:

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