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RC Lens’ desire to adapt some of the rules regarding supporters is well understood

After the events in the stands, the RC . lens He decided to amend some operating rules relating to supporters. This is on different levels.

Through our daily poll, we asked you on Thursday what you think of this situation from RC . lens. In general, you seem to understand. As proof, this is the result of your vote:

It makes sense that RC . lens Should reply after recent events: 70% (476 votes)
Mixed up, things should definitely change but I’m waiting to see more specifically what will be put in place to see if the effect will be positive or negative: 24% (160 votes)
I’m against it, I have a feeling we’re headed toward things that are severe or restrictive: 6% (44 votes)

This Friday, let’s talk about my recruit’s performance RC . lens After 13 days. Among the new faces compared to last season (therefore excluding Arno Kalimundo(Already in 2020-2021), which recruiting appeals to you the most? Wesley happy ? Przemyslav Frankovsky ? Kevin Danso ? Dever Machado ? Christopher Waugh ?

If you would like to take part in our survey, you can find it under our information feed to the right of the home page. On the other hand, if you want to discuss this topic, you can leave a comment below by creating an account.

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