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RDNA 3 architecture from AMD. Specifications will be different than previously thought

News from AMD and Nvidia is likely to emerge at the end of this year. Specifications for graphics cards from both camps are still unknown, but in the case of red cards, there appears to be a significant change from previous expectations.

The latest generation of graphics cards from AMD, as well as Nvidia, will be built using TSMC’s latest N4X (5nm) process.

A Twitter user named Greymon55, known for its leaks, has published new information about the basic specifications of the new generation of AMD graphics cards. It shows that the largest Navi 31 chip consisting of a pair of cores will provide 48 working group processors (WGPs), not 60 as previously thought. The reduction translates into a decrease in theoretical performance in FP32 calculations from the previously mentioned 92 TFLOPS to ~75 TFLOPS.

This will translate to 96 RDNA 3 arithmetic units, which if it still had 64 stream processors, we’d end up with 12,288 stream processors. So it will be the main series in the future, which will replace the Radeon RX 6900 XT or the updated variant that will be released soon, that is, the RX 6950 XT.

However, the 256 MB version of the Infinity Cache per core has remained unchanged, so the flagship will save 512 MB. Most likely, an unknown amount of GDDR6 memory from Samsung, connected to the “kernel” via a 256-bit bus, will be used narrowly for the flagship.

The bottom is million cubic meters and monolith

At the bottom of the hierarchy, there will also be a Navi 32 MCM that provides 32 WGP, which translates to 64 RDNA 3 computing units with 8,192 stream processors. This is a regression as previous leaks assumed there were 40 WGPs. Here, too, both cores will be included in the interposer and each core will contain 192MB of Infinity Cache, which will provide a total of 384MB. Here, too, there is talk of GDDR6 and the 192-bit bus. The Navi 32 will likely be the heart of the Radeon RX 6700 XT or 6800 successor here.

The lowest to date is the Navi 33, a classic monoblock, whose specifications have not changed compared to previous leaks. We’re still talking about 16 WGPs with 32 compute units providing 4,096 stream processors. The same here will use GDDR6 memory connected to the core over a narrow 128-bit bus. So that would double what we have on the Navi 23 which is a base Radeon 6600 XT or 6600.

Przemysław Juraszek, journalist at