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Real Madrid - Atletico.  The royal family did not give a chance to their rival Lalika

Real Madrid – Atletico. The royal family did not give a chance to their rival Lalika

Real Madrid has been doing well in the league and has had the opportunity to strengthen its chairmanship in competition with its local rivals. Atletico were fourth before the game. Getting a point score will allow Diego Simeone’s team to consolidate their position in the lead.

The hosts accelerated very slowly. The first shot was thrown by the spectator footballer – Matthias Cunha, but he hit high and accurate. Afterwards, Real slowly tried to control the game. This means sticking to the ball for a long time and exchanging a large number of passes. In the 16th minute Krolewski’s team showed excellent play. Vinicius got the ball, entered the penalty area, made a perfect cross, and Karim Benzema blasted an unbearable key.

Real wanted to follow suit, but Atletico did not give up either. In the 22nd minute, Coke shoots, but does not reach the goal. In the 35th minute, Antoine Griezmann forced the most difficult intervention of Thibaut Courtois. The Belgian goalkeeper hurried to divert the hard kick from the free kick.

Atletico fans’ hearts trembled in the 48th minute. The ball reached Marco Asensio in the penalty area. The latter, however, delayed the shooting, which ended in fear. At one point, Matthias Cunha tested his skills when he got a brilliant pass into the “alley” of Cordois in the penalty area. His brilliant shot was deflected by the Belgian goalkeeper.

In the 58th minute Real again drove as aggressively as the first half. The attack was led by Luka Jovic, who gave the ball to Vinicius at the crucial moment and he immediately saw Marco Asensio enter the penalty area. The latter hit the long corner precisely, straight into the Atletico net.

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In the 76th minute Thomas Lemerre threatened the goal with a strong free-kick, but Cortos scored. In return, Kingsman performed an interesting act. Vinicius missed the pass and the ball crossed the goal. If he had beaten her, he would have definitely increased the score. However, the Royals brought victory to the final without any problems.

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 2: 0 (1: 0)

Goals: Karim Benzema (16), Marco Asensio (58)

Yellow Cards: F. Mendi – Philip, condylobia

Real Madrid: Cordois – Carvajal (81. Nacho), Militavo, Alaba, F. Mendy – Motric, Casemiro, Cruz – Asencio (85. Valverde), Benzema (46. Jovic), Vinicius Jr. (87. Rodrigo)

Atletico Madrid: Oblock – M. Loronde, Philippe, Condocbia, Hermoso – a. Korea (60. Lodi), Coke, de Paul (69. Herrera), Carrasco (46. Lemer) – Griezmann (46. Joa Felix), Cunha (60. Luis Suarez)