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Red Dead Online: New Telegram quests, rewards, Double XP, and more

Red Dead Online: New Telegram quests, rewards, Double XP, and more

Rockstar Games is donating three new Telegram missions to Red Dead Online players this week of content. In addition, there are other promotions.

Three powerful new telegram missions should provide a fresh recap of the game in Red Dead Online this week. These differ from the normal Telegram missions in that there are no enemies displayed in your mini-map and no assisting objective. This should make them a real challenge.

The three missions are “Like the Dead”, “Border Justice” and “A Cold Day in Hell”. In the first, you have to kill a target in Saint Denis, and in the second, you have to forcibly take over the tasks of Armadillo by the Del Lobos gang. The third mission is all about the gang’s plans for the upcoming heist; You have to steal them in the end.

Double XP is available across all races in New Content Week. You can also earn 50 percent more RDO$ and Role XP than usual through all merchant sales and illicit sales. Merchants returning to Red Dead Online this week will also receive 25 free merchandise or stuffing mashes as a bonus.

More activities this week at a glance:

  • Schwarzbrenner Rewards: Free mash stuffing, 2,000 Schwarzbrenner XP for Quick Draw Club members #3 and anyone who has destroyed three hurdles by tax officials during the week, receives an offer of over 40% on one of the Schwarzbrenner items “established” or “approved” tiers
  • Free horse grooming package For everyone – they are picked up at any booth
  • New discounts: 5 Gold Bars off Illicit Draughting & Slaughter Table, 40% off Hunting Cart, 30% off all Racehorses, Stable Spaces, Illicit Drip Improvements, Bar Decor, Cosmetic Roll Kits for Traders and on all Gowns
  • Main gaming advantages: If you link your Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before October 25th, you will receive 40 capital and 50% off the Mauser pistol.
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