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References: Trump’s bodyguards deleted text messages

References: Trump’s bodyguards deleted text messages

Messages should be deleted from January 5 and 6, 2021 when the storm investigation began. This was stated by the Oversight Body on Homeland Security (OIG), US media reports.

The IGO wanted to share the messages in its investigation into the storm, but then the security police’s cell phones were replaced and the messages disappeared, according to the IGO. Security officers must also have been told that they were not allowed to submit documents to the supervisory authority, but that they were first checked by attorneys at the Department of Homeland Security.

Supervisor Joseph Kovari wrote in e-mail For members of the Congressional Committee on Homeland Security.


These allegations were dismissed by the Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting the president’s bodyguards.

“The suggestion that the Secret Service would have intentionally deleted text messages after being requested is incorrect. In fact, the Secret Service has cooperated fully with the Office of the Inspector General, in all respects—whether interviews, documents, emails, or text messages,” a spokesperson writes. Anthony Guglielmi in a commentary for The Associated Press.

He says the information was lost when the Secret Service began replacing its systems in January 2021, but that this was a planned action that began before the OIG’s request for information. According to Guglielmi, none of the letters requested by the IGO were supposed to be lost.

raise questions

However, the disappearance of the text messages will certainly raise new questions with the House Special Investigation Committee investigating the storm and trying to find out if former President Donald Trump can be held responsible for the rioting. Among other things, it appeared in open interrogations with people surrounding Trump that are currently taking place that the president knew in advance that the crowd was armed.