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Regina Coeli to the Pope: Ask the Risen One from among the worshippers

Regina Coeli to the Pope: Ask the Risen One from among the worshippers

During Regina Coeli’s Sunday, Pope Francis insisted on the need to remain in the Church to find Jesus, while urging the faithful to open their arms to all who are wounded in life, without excluding anyone from God’s grace.

Charlotta Smedes – Vatican City

Pope Francis said during Regina Coeli on Divine Mercy Sunday that there is more to it than his famous skepticism about Jesus’ resurrection of the Apostle Thomas.

The Pope began his reflection on today’s Gospel by noting that “Thomas was not the only one who struggled for the faith.” But unlike his fellow apostles, who shut themselves up in the upper room, Thomas “showing his courage”, “went out and risked being recognized by someone, reported or arrested.”

When the other apostles told Thomas that Jesus had appeared to them, he struggled to believe them, saying he would only believe when he could see and touch Jesus’ wounds.

I am looking for Jesus in the church

Pope Thomas said, “He wants an extraordinary sign—to touch the wounds. Jesus showed it to him, but in an ordinary way, when he comes to them all, in the congregation.” Jesus makes himself known to the congregation, and in his presence shows the apostles his wounds, “the evidence of his love, the ever open channels of his mercy.”

Pope Francis made it clear that we, like Thomas, are called to “seek the Risen One” not in “some astonishing or imaginary religious manifestation, on an emotional or erotic level,” but within the community of believers, the Church. And the Pope said: “Despite all its limitations and failures, which are our limitations and failures, our Mother Church is the Body of Christ.” “And there, in the Body of Christ, we can find and see the greatest signs of His love, now and forever.”

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He urged us to ask ourselves whether, in the name of this love, in the name of the wounds of Jesus, we are willing to open our arms to those wounded by life, without excluding anyone from God’s grace, without welcoming everyone – each person as a brother, as a sister. “