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Republican Neil Collins’ speech regretting abortion laws

Republican Neil Collins previously voted to severely restrict the right to abortion in South Carolina.

In a penitent speech, he spoke about how the laws put a 19-year-old woman at risk.

– He says he’s overburdened.

Neil Collins made the statement during a South Carolina House of Representatives Judiciary Committee hearing regarding new legislation that essentially bans all abortions in the state.

Collins admitted that he had previously voted in favor of the Heartbeat Act, which bans abortion as long as the fetus’s heart is beating.

Soon after the law went into effect, Collins received a call from a doctor. It concerns a 19-year-old woman who was in the local emergency department.

– She was in the fifteenth week. Its water has broken. He says the fetus was not healthy.

But the lawyers told the doctors that because of the heart rhythm law, they couldn’t have an abortion – because the fetus’s heart was still beating.

big risks

So they were left with two options: to take her to the emergency room so that her heart can come out, or to leave her.

Collins asked the doctor how long it might take for a fetal heart to stop beating and he was told “seconds, minutes, hours, maybe days”.

Neil Collins now regrets that he voted for a harsh abortion law.
Neil Collins now regrets that he voted for a harsh abortion law.

Finally, they released the woman.

Doctors have told me that at this point, there is a 50 percent higher chance she will lose her uterus, and a 10 percent chance she will develop septicemia and die on her own, says Collins.

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– It weighs me down. I voted for this law. This affects people and we have a meeting about it. I haven’t slept all week.

She had an abortion

Collins announced that two weeks after the 19-year-old went to the emergency room, doctors were finally able to remove the fetus. Then the heart stopped beating.

– He says what we do is important.

Out of respect for the process, I will not vote today. But I want to make it clear that I and many others with me are not in a position to support this proposal without major changes.

But the proposal won numbers 13-7 in the Judicial Committee, AP reports. And now it’s up for debate in the South Carolina House of Representatives in just a week.

In June, the Supreme Court took United States of America Historic Decision to Repeal the National Abortion Act Roe v. Wade. Nowadays, each state can control its own abortion laws.

Demonstrations outside the Supreme Court.
Demonstrations outside the Supreme Court.