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Resident Evil for a while: These are all their titles that will be in development

vampire It is one of the horror stories that has lasted the most over time. While its competitors are kind of likethe silent Hill“Oh”dead spaceShe fought back and it looks like she’s starting to come back, epic Capcom He has remained strong.

Apparently this power won’t be waning anytime soon, because vampire It could have a bright future with all the new titles supposedly under development. Some of them are already known to the public and others are still rumors. But here we show you the epic games in development

More updates on Resident Evil Village and RE: Verse

This news was given by Capcom In his last conference for E3 2021. The company is working on a DLC for the purpose of Resident Evil Village, although at the moment they have not given details of what it will be like. But the truth is that there are many possibilities where they can lead village.

They also reported that the multiplayer component known as reflect. This multiplayer universe vampire He was supposed to have arrived with Village but was delayed due to the large number of bugs in his beta. Apparently we’ll see his arrival sometime in July.

Resident Evil 4 remake

Within the epic titles, it can be said that a file 4 He is beloved. So, it’s not strange to think about it Capcom I am working on remaking this. Rumors of her existence started from A reference to parasites in 3 . remakeHowever, the rumors appear to have been “confirmed” with last year’s Capcom leak.

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In this leak, it was revealed Capcom He works with his studio, M-Two, to create a new version of the 2005 title. According to the data, the studio is working on a reproduction Resident Evil 4 Since 2018, it has a tentative release date of the last months of 2022.

new outbreak

The last of the leaked titles was new Resident Evil Outbreak, although it is not known exactly whether it will be a remake or a continuation of this popular series of Return. The only thing we got from the leak, other than the title, is that it was slated to release in late 2021.

In addition to sealant, the insider recognized vampire known as dusk golem, mentioned that outbreak It really is Revelation 3. according to dusk, this will be Rebecca Chambers as the protagonist and will be a temporary exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


Resident Evil outbreak y outbreak file #2 The epic titles have been very well received. In this we saw events raccoon city From the point of view of other survivors. The title has interesting stories, plenty of replayability, and a multiplayer component that would be perfect for the current era. We hope to see this series again.

Biohazard Apocalypse

After these titles, we’re supposed to see the arrival Biohazard Apocalypse During the third quarter of 2023. We don’t have much information about this title other than the name and its initial release date. Although it is strange that it is used biohazard, which is the Japanese name for vampire.


name of biohazard It was only used in Japan To refer to vampireBut that changed with the arrival of the seventh batch, which was called Resident Evil Seven: Biological Hazard. This may indicate that it will be a continuation of the trilogy that started with a nightmare Ethan Winters On Louisiana and continue with village. But this is all just speculation.

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Resident Evil Hank

The farthest address we know is Resident Evil Hank. It is known from this title that it will arrive until the end of 2024. So it is very likely that we will not have more information about this version until at least 2022, although it works for us.

Because of the name, it’s probably a game about mercenaries Umbrella known as A big piece. This is the character we met inFourth Survivor‘ from Resident Evil 2 It’s one of the fan favorites. Perhaps a game in which we explore more of its history is not a bad idea.

These are all the titles to come from this survival horror saga, at least the ones we know. Perhaps Capcom can surprise us with some new additions to this universe. Which of these titles is least exciting to you the most?

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