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Retire less each month?  The government is preparing for reform

Retire less each month? The government is preparing for reform

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This year, the minimum pension is 1,250.88 PLN total, but many retirees receive benefits below this level. From year to year, the number of so-called Penny Pensions is rising. In 2014, fewer than 100,000 earned less than the minimum pension. Of people, it now receives more than 300 thousand. retired. The cost of calculating and paying low interest often exceeds its value, which is why the government is looking for savings.

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Retire every month isn’t for everyone? The government is looking for savings

The lowest pension paid this year is 0.02 PLN. also established”Dzienic Gazzetta Browna“, the unit cost of service decisions in the pension department amounted to PLN 216.19 (taking into account the labor-intensive service factor). To this must be added the costs of providing a monthly pension. This means that the service low pension It is much more expensive than its value. This prompts the government to change the rules for disbursing pensions.

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The Council of Social Dialogue has begun work to solve this problem. The talks are about changes to the rules for paying pensions in pennies. The Board considers it necessary to determine what pension amounts will be transferred each month, and at what time per year or less – notes Sebastian Cowen, Vice President of OPZZ.

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retirement annually. Who will receive the benefits less than once a month?

as he knows “fact”, unions from OPZZ suggest that women whose pension will be PLN 117 per month or less, and men PLN 141 or less, should receive benefits once a year.

– OPZZ’s Bogdan Grzybowski said in an interview with “Fakt” – OPZZ’s Bogdan Grzybowski said in an interview with “Fakt” – Then their payment for the whole year will swing in the amount of the minimum pension and their charge will not be a burden on ZUS.

Higher benefits will be paid unchanged – every month.

Taxes (illustration)Tax revolution 2022. Poles will have more money in their pockets

Refund of paid subscriptions. If you have not worked for at least five years, ZUS will return the capital raised

There was also a suggestion that the right to a retirement pension will be granted only after appropriate seniority – 5, 10 or 15 years. What about people who will not work, for example, the required five years? They may not get a pension. It may turn out that ZUS will reimburse the insured the contributions paid in the form of a one-time transfer. Such a person is not entitled to a lifetime pension additives.