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Reverse weather: jump around 30 degrees and the sun

Reverse weather: jump around 30 degrees and the sun

Nubbe, herring, tadpoles – and showers. For most Swedes, it is synonymous with the Swedish midsummer.

But this year it will be different. Anyway, if you look at weather apps that promise about 30 degrees in the Gothenburg area.

Charlotte Erickson, a meteorologist at SMHI, confirmed the temperature had risen.

– Yes, according to the latest expectations of high pressure coming from the south. In connection with that, warmer air is flowing into the West Coast, she says.

So it looks like a midsummer night will bring warmth and lots of sunshine. The high pressure remains with the warm air controlling it.

– It’s getting safer now. “I think it’s as safe as can be expected a couple of days before midsummer,” says Charlotte Erickson.

On the other hand, Charlotte Erickson states that it cannot be ruled out to have a midsummer weekend shower.

heat from the south

GP previously reported a heat wave That spread to large parts of southern Europe over the weekend. In France, the weather was much warmer, with the cities of Bordeaux and Biarritz having a temperature of 43 degrees.

Is the heat from southern Europe coming here now?

– Yes, some warm air in the south is blowing. But it is still the warmest in the south, because it is the continent from which the heat comes.

How long does heat stay in the Gothenburg region?

– It seems to have stopped, but the precipitation zone is approaching. There may be a slight drop in temperatures and rain overnight through Monday.

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According to SMHI’s forecast, it will be colder again next week when cooler air comes in from the west.

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