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Rewolucja w Polsacie. Rezygnują z tego po 15 latach [WIDEO]

Revolution in Polsat. They quit after 15 years [WIDEO]

Author: press materials

Great revolution on Polsat TV. The group introduces a new and consistent visual identity for the Plus and Polsat brands. After 15 years, the famous “Polsat Sun” became history. Moreover, the company owned by Zygmunt Solorz-ak will also change its name. See what the new group logo will look like.

The empire controlled by Zygmunt Solorz-ak – the Polsat Group – will soon introduce new logos for its brands and change its name. Thus, the popular “Polsat sunshine” will also go down in history. The current logo of the main Polsat channel has been in operation, with minor modifications, for more than 15 years. What will happen this time?

Revolution in Polsat

Polsat Plus . group – This is how the team of communications and media companies of Zygmunt Solorz will be called. The company also introduces new logos for the main brands – the telecom operator Plus and the television company Polsat. The logos of the two major brands use an individual typography designed specifically for the group, a distinctive graphic element and colors – Green Plus, Polsat Yellow. The first color is innovation, development, as well as concern for the environment, and the second – energy, joy and optimism stems from the sun. Below we present a video with the new company logos.

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The new logos are designed primarily with transparency and ease of reception by our viewers and customers: on the one hand, so that they relate visually to the collection itself, and on the other – retain their individual values. In addition to telecommunications, Polsat is content. We will also use the group’s new name in corporate communications, emphasizing this dependence and cooperation – Polsat Plus Group – says Zygmunt Solorz, a major shareholder in Polsat Group.