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Richard Gasquet’s experience dissuades Hugo Gaston

The reveal of the previous version, Hugo Gaston falls this year, in the first round, against Richard Gasquet, in the French-French confrontation: 6-1, 6-4, 6-2. Of the 34-year-old’s top, the one who might play the last Roland Garros will find Rafael Nadal in the next round.

In this duel between two generations of French tennis, the spectators in the stands of the Susan Linglin Stadium were divided: the youngest won the case for Hugo Gaston, and the older Richard Gasquet encouraged. In the end, the biggest players won.

Biterrois took to the game from young Toulouse, guilty of smashing into the net. Gaston, struggling from baseline, tried to get away with some nice long forehands off the line, but his important points mistakes prevented him from returning to score. He overtook Gasquet’s services, with only 26% of the winning proceeds, and finally conceded the first round in 26 minutes.

In the next round, Richard Gasquet made Hugo Gaston run a lot, which he wasn’t the same. But Toulousein took advantage of his son’s double mistake to smash. Then double the consumption rates, which were a hit last year, then set up a pace. However, Gasquet managed to make a comeback, and in turn broke Gaston’s double foul. He then won the second set after a series of easy fouls from his younger brother.

At the start of the third set, Gaston trembled, clearing four break points before winning his second serve match ten minutes later. But he gave up on the next serving match, allowing his Gasquet to break. Even Le Biterrois, who reached the quarter-finals in 2016, cemented their lead before sending out to win the match, winning in an hour and 39.

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Hugo Gaston will not repeat his performance for 2020, as he was the best Frenchman, reaching the fourth round. At the end of the match Richard Gasquet praised his career: “It’s never easy to get back after the knockout round the previous year. May Hugo have a great career, follow him and cheer him onFor Biterrois, who was knocked out from the start of last year, the second round is expected to be complicated against the master of the venue, Raphael Nadal.