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RKS Carburnia Krakow - Motor Lublin 0-1 (0-1).  26th Match Day eWinner 2. Liga

RKS Carburnia Krakow – Motor Lublin 0-1 (0-1). 26th Match Day eWinner 2. Liga

Teams on the pitch do not meet often. In seven matches, eleven Carpernia Krakow have won once, but lost five times. A match ended in a draw.

Not much has happened since the start of the match, so it is noteworthy that one player was unable to continue the match at this point in the game. In the 34th minute, Adam Ryskovsky was replaced by Jacob Kozzek.

When Michał Fidziukiewicz scored the first goal in the 39th minute of the match, Luck smiled at the Motor Lublin players. Carburnia Krakow in the 45th minute: Cockpar Rokojinski and Daniel Morris left the field, replaced by Zakub Panach and Zakub Panach.

The first half ended with the modest management of the Motor Lublin team.

In the 55th minute, Tomas Colbone was added to replace Pyotr Seculars, which was to strengthen the Motor Lublin team. The coach of the opposing team also decided to renew the team, replacing Kamil Kusak with Mathews Novak in the 61st minute and Mathews Duda in the same minute for Victor Sivax. In the 68th minute, referee Motor Lublin player Zakub Svichinsky was punished with a card.

Minutes later, Motor Lublin coach decided to strengthen the midfield, replacing the exhausted Damien Sidzhikowski in the 71st minute. Cesare Polak entered the field, and his task was to bring a little silence in the middle of the field. At the same minute, Rafał Krol was added to replace Jakub Świeciński, which was to strengthen the motor Lublin team. The coach of the opposing team decided to renew the team in 86 minutes with Kamil Pentkovsky replacing Michael Felix. The referee gave a yellow card to Carbonia Krakow’s Michael Felix in the 77th minute and his opponent Michael Fitzykievich in the 79th minute.

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No goals were scored in the second half.

It was not a beautiful scene and the players often fouled, which caused idle time in the game and impatience on the stand. Carburnia Krakow’s players received a yellow card in the match, while their opponents – two.

Five changes were made to the Garbarnia Kraków squad. However, the Motor Lublin team made four changes.