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Rock star against power in Bulgaria

Sunday’s parliamentary elections are the second in Bulgaria this year. The first attempt, in early April, ended in a stalemate as none of the country’s political forces were able to muster sufficient support for the government.

Now when you try again, the state of public opinion remains constant and uncertain. But one thing seems clear: farewell to the temptation of the governor and its longtime leader, former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

The former prime minister lacks a delegation of authority

Although Borisov and Gerp may still be the largest party, they are not expected to get enough support from others to return to power.

The main competitor is the newly formed ITN – an acronym for “There is such a people” – led by TV presenter and rock star Slavi Trifonov.

The party’s strength has rapidly increased with the help of massive popular protests in recent years against corruption and abuse of power by rulers. Trifonov hopes to build an alliance with two other parties created from protests against entrenched rulers: Democratic Bulgaria and ISMV (short for travel! Get out with the mafia!).

Released more than 20 albums

Trifonov launched a satirical show on television in the late 1990s, led the country’s most popular talk show for 20 years and released over 20 albums – also a song with Swedish-Greek winner Helena Paparizo in 2004.

His exact political position is uncertain.

The question is how big his reformist appetite really is. If he manages to get a majority and does not use it to advance the reforms he promised for several years, he will become a new symbol of the old, says political scientist Vesila Tjrneva of the ECFR (European International Center) think tank. Relations).

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