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Russia Ukraine • Kharkiv under Ukrainian control

Russian forces encountered fierce resistance in Ukraine’s second largest city, Kharkiv.

The Ukrainian government now says the city has been “completely cleansed of enemies”.

“Our will was unexpectedly strong for Putin,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

On Sunday night, heavily armed Russian forces entered Ukraine The second largest city in Kharkiv.

Heavy fighting has continued since morning and Russian soldiers have destroyed, among other things, a gas pipeline to destabilize the city’s infrastructure.

“The city is surrounded by the Russians from three directions and it is difficult for civilians who are trying to escape and get out,” he said. Al Jazeeras Journalist Hoda Abdel Hamid on Sunday.

Videos from the Ukrainian military show how a Russian combat vehicle was destroyed in Kharkiv on Sunday.

destroyed military vehicles

Ukrainian soldiers responded with full force, and videos released by Ukrainian intelligence show how several Russian military vehicles were destroyed.

In the afternoon, Governor Ole Senegubov announced that he had regained control of the city.

– The control of Kharkiv is completely ours! He writes on Telegram that the army, police and defense forces are working hard and the city is completely cleared of enemies.

A copy of the manual of Russian military systems on the ground in the outskirts of Kharkiv.

Putin’s setback

A big setback for the president of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin Which, according to experts, Kharkiv was considered a strategically important point for further progress in Ukraine.
– They wanted Kharkiv as a defensive line where they could head south towards Dnipro, another city the Russians would like to capture. Dnipro was the headquarters of the Ukrainian army during the fighting in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and from there they gave orders to fight with Russian separatists, Huda Abdulhamid says.

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Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke at a press conference on Sunday afternoon about the fierce fighting in recent days.

Our will to respond was unexpectedly strong for Putin. Russia has not succeeded in achieving a single strategic goal. They started a blitzkrieg to try to bring us to our knees and take Kyiv. None of that happened. We bleed, but we do great damage to the enemy. According to the latest data, they lost the following, he says and continues:

– 46 Russian planes, 26 helicopters, 146 tanks, 706 armored vehicles, 49 artillery pieces, a robot silo, two drones and two boats. About 4,300 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded, and a hundred Russian soldiers were captured.

– I think it’s clear to everyone. We will not surrender and we will not give up an inch of our land.