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The government wants to stop Russian athletes

The government has prepared a list of proposals for additional sanctions against Russia and Russian citizens. Various ministers in the EU will now push for a consensus behind these measures.

It’s about increasing sanctions against the Russian leadership, but it’s also about increasing support efforts for Ukraine. Hans Dahlgren says: We want the EU to make a decision on this as quickly as possible.

Objective of the measures They are Russian President Vladimir Putin and those who support him in the aggression against Ukraine.

– We need to strike stronger and wider against the Russian upper class. It concerns, for example, the sanctions directed against more oligarchs who hold the Putin regime from behind, says Hans Dahlgren.

The goal is, among other things, to identify more oligarchs than those currently on the EU list.

– It’s also about being able to look at this more broadly. It is not only about the money in the bank or the travel ban to Europe, but also about the property they own in Europe. They can be large villas, boats and cars, says Hans Dahlgren.

Other requirements are those sales The so-called Golden Passes should be discontinued, to limit Russia’s participation in international organizations and to exclude all Russian elite athletes from all international exchanges.

– We want the European Union to have a common position when it comes to excluding Russian athletes, says Hans Dahlgren.

It is believed that there is broad support for these measures among other EU countries.

– I think the conditions for this going forward are very good, says Hans Dahlgren.

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