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Ruthen fears Turbine will “not keep his feet on the ground” if he rules for good

While Radio Marca announced that Clement Turpin is the referee for the upcoming Champions League final, Jerome Rothen made it clear that he feared this choice, which would prevent the Frenchman from “questioning himself” about his performance in the French League.

Regardless of the poster for the Champions League final on May 28, it is possible that it will have a tricolor on the lawn of the Stade de France. According to information from the Spanish Radio Marca, revealed on Wednesday, the European Football Association intends to appoint Clement Turpin as a referee for the match. An option that doesn’t quite satisfy Jerome Rothen, who explained himself on Rothen’s microphone, blazes at RMC: he fears it will stop the Frenchman from questioning himself after performances inside Ligue 1.

“I can already see Turpin back in the field with his assistants and Stephanie Frappart in a VAR truck, it’s the devilish duo,” he amused first, before getting more serious again, explaining that Turpin definitely deserves this arena. “I don’t blame UEFA and the chief referee, who are much more efficient than me. They watch a lot of matches, fortunately. If he is called, it is because he has been ahead of the others in the European Cup this season and I trust them for that.”

Disputed bids in the French League

But the former Monaco then made it clear that he fears the repercussions of this decision on French football, which will not face its problems. “He won’t make him change his position, which is not the right choice in the French league, he regretted it. For once, I saw almost all the matches that Turpin managed in the league, especially PSG-Lyon and Lille-Lyon, which were very important in France combing in the direction of hair It is not placed in front of its responsibilities, as it serves the French arbitration.

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He continued, “When he arrived, I was the first to say that he revolutionized communication with the days, but it took two or three years, he became No. 1 and now he has not.” Standard for anyone who wants to be judged at the highest level. I congratulate him on being in the Champions League, but I hope he keeps his feet on the ground.” Notes that Emmanuel Petit, the program advisor, wanted to set the record straight, lamenting that we were “too tough with referees, in a society that is no longer tolerant and where We have no right to err.”