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S.W. Rowlinghouse is involved in the jersey campaign for Africa

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From Rolling House to Africa. Bjorn Klum launches an aid campaign with jerseys for Zimbabwe.

Washing of Wrecklinghouse A-GreaseListen Schwarz-Weiss Rollinghausen Now goes a long way. That’s right Spectacular trip. In the lockers of football clubs in underwear, the jerseys remain untouched for months. At the end of October 2020, Corona stopped gaming. But Bjன்rn Klum’s initiative is now experiencing nothing more than a halt.

The 28-year-old Wreckinghouse moved to Africa in 2017. South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe – Klum came around the south of the continent and made some contacts there. “Ed, our guide in Zimbabwe, has just written to me. The Corona crisis has hit the land and tourism has come to a standstill, ”said Bjorn Klum. There was talk of a common pastime of football. “Ed asked if I knew a club that had a jersey set for their football team.”

The association agrees to help immediately

Gloom did not hesitate for a long time and contacted his former club Schwarz-Weiss Rollinghouse. He himself ran for the second team for many years – until he had to hang up his football boots. As a precaution, a knee injury prevented him. As a trained roofer, he works in his parents ’business. “Continuing to issue a health insurance certificate to your father is the last thing you want.” The link for black and white is still there. Rowlinghausen chairman Uwe Mateki agreed to help immediately and scoured the district league’s linen closet.

The standard package is filled

“We add a new jersey set every year,” Wrecklinghauser says. Older people will only wear it during training. “If you can use it again now, that’s a big deal. We’m glad we can help.” Now Gloom and Madeki own it A beautiful set Filled: 1.20 x 0.60 x 0.60 meters – almost packed to the brim with jerseys from black and white stockings. A total of six sets of jerseys will be shipped from Wrecklinghouse to Zimbabwe. That should be sufficient enough for the current season and some more.

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Björn Glumm hopes his package will be an air link Long journey of more than 8000 kilometers Did not escape. SWR leader Uwe Madeki is already looking forward to a group photo for the clubhouse in Clarastra :e: “Because our split in Africa has never been a troop.”