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Terrible healing donkey skin: Animals are almost extinct in China

Updated: 03/23/2021 – 9:43 pm

Powerful thanks to gray animal skins?
Cruel treatment causes donkey crisis in China and Africa

Photo: Getty Images / Tony Karumba

Donkey skin has become a precious commodity in China. The donkey crisis in China and Africa is now the cause of brutal treatment.

5 million donkeys are killed every year for the Chinese medicine “Eziao”. The number of donkeys there has almost stopped – so new animals are to be delivered from Africa.

“Eziao” is said to increase sexual desire, help against acne or sleep disorders and slow down the aging process. The drug in question is increasing sales, especially in China’s growing middle class. But the production of the treatment is so horrific that the donkey people of the country are in danger of extinction.

Donkey skin medicine: This is how Chinese medicine is done

The long production process of “Eziao” requires a large amount of donkey skin. It is steamed and processed into gelatin. The finished drug is then available as a powder or jelly. “Eziao” is often used as an ingredient in other medicines, or steamed in cosmetics or desserts.

China’s donkey population was about 11 million animals in 1993, but now the population has dropped to two and a half million. Donkey people in their own country can no longer meet the need for drugs. Breeding farms cannot produce the offspring they need because the animals are 12 months pregnant. Suppliers from Africa must provide the necessary resources – with dire consequences.

Esselkris in Africa

East African countries Kenya and Tanzania have become major exporters of donkey skins. This indicates a shortage of donkeys with severe consequences for the population of the countries.

Animals are actually used as a means of transportation and are a major source of income for many families. People in East African countries are now in danger of extinction.

In Kenya in particular, the situation is so dire that the government has banned the slaughter of animals. But the hunt for precious donkey skin continues. Animals are still killed by thieves and their skins are sold on the black market.

Donkey skin has become a valuable commodity as it is in high demand in China. The miracle drug “Eziao” currently costs up to 350 euros a kilo.


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