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Saga Keeping Paw FC in Bags

The great adventure begins in an empty airport. On Saturday 8 May, at 10 am, the Pau FC delegation prepares to set off for Beauvais, where the Bernieres play on the same evening against Champli, a decisive match for their future. Draw or triumph and save their skin in Ligue 2.

The cancellation of an Air France flight during the week prompted the club to rent a private jet. Displacement rises to 25 thousand euros. Myron George was the last to present the “Republica de Costa Rica” passport upon check-in. The plane arrives from Barcelona, ​​and players are waiting patiently to scan their cell phones between the two Airpods. In the middle of the boarding hall, there are a few players around the grid game itself.

Pau FC players play in a net in the waiting room of Pau Airport

D. DEODIC / Southwest / Southwest

“It’s called” Between Us, “told midfielder Steve Biosnard. We are nine and there are two killers. The others are doing missions while the killers have to advance without being spotted. Captain Antoine Bates is on the Honor field.” Go there! I could have killed him a thousand times, when I wanted to kill him! We have fun and have fun, but the evening game is at the back of the mind. “Our destiny is in our hands,” says Steve Busnard. We must protect it. It’s a good pressure …

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