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Samlingspartiet wants to see Alexander Stapp as the party’s presidential candidate

About the former Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Staub Once he’s on the notes, he becomes the presidential candidate for Samlingspartiet. The party board unanimously endorsed Stub after a long meeting on Monday.

Stubb doesn’t have time to comment on the situation when HBL reaches him via text message Monday, but wrote that the party is handling the call. Stapp is expected to accept and will issue a statement at the latest on Saturday when the central body of Samlingspartiet meets.

Stubb was the head of the party Peteri Urbus Propose a presidential candidate. Orpo did not want a vote on membership, and preferred Stubb to Secretary of Defense You are Hakanin who also showed interest.

The Samlingspartiet’s youth organization came out in the middle of a continuing meeting with its position that Häkkänen was the best candidate. After more than three hours, Orpo left the message that the election of the party board fell unanimously on Stubb, and that no members needed to vote either.

“The Board has authorized the undersigned to request Professor Alexander Stubb to stand as the presidential candidate for Samlingspartiet,” Urbu said.

In practice, Prime Minister Petteri Urbu had to have his way when the board of directors of Samlingspartiet chose the party’s presidential candidate.

If, or rather when, Stapp accepts, the party will formally designate him as its presidential candidate at an additional party convention this fall.

Avoid losing prestige

It would have been embarrassing if not disastrous for Peteri Orbo if the party council did not accede to his motion and endorsed it unanimously. It is customary in the Tagammu Party for the president of the party to propose a presidential candidate and for the party council to accept this proposal without complaining.

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That the controversy this time heated up and that Häkkänen came out with his announcement at a tender time caused a storm, at least in the party’s water glass. Had the council opposed Orpo, his leadership would have been seriously questioned.

Orpo is still riding that storm and did his best to make it look like there were some fresh summer breezes which was very welcome.

– The process was good in that it became clear that Samlingspartiet had several high-profile candidates upgrading, said Orpo and Häkkänen, Minister for Foreign Affairs Elena ValtonenAnd Risto EJ PenttiläAnd Petri Sarvama And Paula Risco.

Stubb is a political scientist with extensive political experience from government work as well as from the European Union Parliament.

– Of all the names that have come up, it is clear that Alexander Stabe is the most powerful when you start from the mission itself, that is, it is the President who leads Finland’s foreign and security policy. He is also fluent in languages ​​and an expert on international issues, says Urbu.

Then he adds the obvious:

– We have no other goal than that our candidate be elected President of Finland.

yet in the schedule

Petteri Orpo testifies that he spoke beforehand with the entire party board to hear how people thought and that he had “hundreds” of discussions with party activists and experts before proposing Stubb for the party board.

Ante Häkkinen, Minister of Defense in the Orbor government and Vice-Chairman of Samlingspartiet, left the party board meeting early.

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It’s good that other names came up in the discussion, Orpo says, and many participants in the meeting praised the other names, but it was easy to find consensus when it mattered.

– There you can deduce that he has a large majority behind him. I justified my point and the party council seemed to find it easy to include it.

Orpo doesn’t admit he had to convince the board, despite the fact that many votes were raised in favor of Antti Häkkänen when he recently made it clear he might be interested in running.

– I spoke to Ante and learned about his interest and that he is investigating for his support. That’s totally fine, but it’s clearly caused additional spin across the public debate. I was hoping our name would be ready before the summer holidays, Urbu says.

He acknowledges that the lengthy government negotiations and internal government discussions came in between and required a lot of work.

– But we were by no means late. Now the plan is clear and the battle can begin.

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