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Sweden’s approach ‘didn’t help’

The Finnish government has also received international publicity, which is now in place financial times Conversely, he stated that “the new Finnish government faced a protracted racism scandal”.

This is done in conjunction with an interview with the Secretary of State Elena Valtonen (Saml), who reiterates her position that there should be no room for racism, but that politicians should also be given space to change their minds and apologize.

She continues to tell the Financial Times that Europe must come to terms with the fact that nationalist parties exist. According to Valtonen, Sweden’s way of excluding such a group from national politics “hasn’t helped”. Rather, you believe that you can “moderate extremism” within the framework of government.

The article in the Financial Times focuses on Finland as a new NATO member and on security policy. The Financial Times wrote that “Helsinki offers a modern and capable defense force with a tradition of being prepared for any possible friction with its larger neighbor to the east, including well-trained troops and a large number of reservists and bunkers”.

Valtonen said last week in an interview with HBL that she would like to get to a point where you can focus on the government programme.

– I hope we can focus on the government program, which is a great program, Valtonen says, also because of the ongoing struggle between SFP and True Finns.

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