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The deputy must put forward a motion of no confidence

Gold status causes hell

Why don't they report everything that goes to Kuwait University?
Why don’t they report everything that goes to Kuwait University?

news last week It was like the tall green commercials. Houses in Norway floated away. There have been reports of it being re-flooded. Hawaii seemed to be completely on fire.

Climate crisis Simply here. But it is not the Green Party. They were strangely quiet during the summer storms.

Maybe they are on vacation? Climate change usually becomes more noticeable when party staff are in the hammock. Or they worry about being seen as taking advantage of the situation. It is rarely common to say: What did we say?

But now I have to they do nothing. Evil tongues usually say that the vice has answers to questions that no one asked. But now everyone is asking the same question: What should we do about the climate?

The party is full of biologists, natural scientists, and academics who produce long policy documents that no one reads

deputy Poetry Actually the answer. In June, they criticized the government for its poor preparation for the summer. They came detailed proposals Concerning preventing storms and floods. No one cares. Now everyone cares – but the deputy is nowhere to be seen.

You feel like you’re banging your head hard on the table top.

Many people think of environmentalists as obscure hipsters. But since I work with the party, I can disclose that. The most characteristic of environmentalists is that they are obsessed. The party is full of biologists, natural scientists, and academics who produce long policy documents that no one reads.

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The problem is that they are Never dare to get dirty. They have a good product, but it’s a good idea to sell it.

Daniel Hildene is one of the few who knows how to communicate, but unfortunately he used this ability to piss people off right and left. On the right, people are angry at him for going after motorists. On the left because it cooperates with the right.

Hardly ideal for a party that relies on approval votes.

Now the deputy has to get out on the right track. They must inform KU of every minister who transfers. No-confidence is being raised about how the government has shockingly cut the environmental budget while reducing crisis preparedness.

It is not populism. He is doing what all the other parties would have done if their heart problem had been dealt with similarly. You can complain about MPs too much, but not because they didn’t warn you that this was going to happen.

You often meet among voters A kind of desperate benevolence about party mode. Why can’t things be better for them? They are wanted. Kind of like when you see an old friend who is stuck in personal problems. Why not collect itself, which has such potential?

Ordinary people They start to really worry about the climate. Even scared. They long for a party that points a way forward.