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Samsung Exynos z grafiką AMD

Samsung Exynos is made with AMD graphics. Chip already wins in benchmarks

Samsung and AMD are working on an Exynos chip with AMD RDNA2 graphics. The chip is expected to be released in 2021 and everything indicates that it will be faster than any other Samsung chip. The results of the 3DMark Wild Life test conducted on this system are found on the web.

The RDAN2 architecture is mainly known from PlayStation 5 consoles and the latest Xbox. The graphics system built on the same principles is the transition to the top of the Samsung Exynos chip, which we will see before the end of 2021. Work is in progress and new benchmark results have appeared for a mobile device with a typical chip. looks promising:

The Exynos prototype “asked” 8,134 points in the wildlife test. The SoC is built using ARM Cortex A77 cores and an AMD graphics chip. For comparison, let me remind you of that

  • realme GT with Snapdragon 888 scored 5940 points in this test,
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra scored 5457 points,
  • iPhone 12 Mini – 7273 Bankty.

So Samsung has a potentially significant advantage over the smartphone chips currently being sold. The question is whether she will keep it, because the competition is awake and a lot could happen until the end of the year.

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It’s also worth adding that the top end Exynos won’t use A77 cores, so the above result shouldn’t be treated as definitive. The most powerful Exynos 2100 currently uses a Cortex-X1 core, but ARM has already provided the 16% more efficient Cortex-X2 processor. Thus, the successor to the Exynos 2100 can access new cores and boost results even further. There’s also a rumor that Samsung will revert to designing cores for Exynos SoCs on its own.

Image source: Samsung, Ice Universe (@UniverseIce)

Text source: Ice Universe (@UniverseIce)