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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 finally comes with Google Assistant!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 finally comes with Google Assistant!

After nearly a year of waiting, the flagship smartwatch series Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 finally got the Google Assistant. The latest update has already hit early users!

Nine months have passed since the premiere of Samsung’s flagship smartwatches – they’re well-equipped devices running on the system virus from Google. However, the owners of the past three quarters have not lived to see an important feature announced by Samsung in the form of Google Assistant!

But in April, there was hope for changes. That’s when an ad first appeared on the web, in which the protagonist addresses his smartwatch with the words “hello googleThis aroused great interest among the audience – the ad clearly indicated the premiere of the assistant.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / fot. Producer

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with the late assistant

Surprisingly, in response to the reactions of Internet users, Google made it clear that watch owners cannot count on the presence of the Google Assistant in the near future. Fortunately, that time has passed, because today he is among the first lucky Update to bring Google Assistant to the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic launches in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. It should be available to all users soon.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

come in. Samsung

To install Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4, simply download it from Google Play Store. Find the Assistant app there and install it on your watch.

In addition, to activate the Assistant always quickly, we can configure the shortcuts of our smartwatch to launch with a long press of the side button. This is a convenient solution for those who have enough time to activate a new function.

The much-anticipated Google Pixel Watch will also be shown at the premiere soon. I hope the Mountain View giant doesn’t forget the key posts this time:

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