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Samsung introduces three new chipsets for self-driving cars

Samsung introduces self-driving car chips

Samsung continues to work hard to be one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, and with a lack of traction, the South Korean company has unveiled its new solutions to create smarter cars. These are three new chips dedicated to Autonomous and electric cars.

Exynos Auto T5123, Exynos Auto V7 y Power IC It’s Samsung’s three new processors that seek to power the future generation of electric vehicles and those who drive themselves. Among its features are support for 5G connectivity, the addition of comprehensive infotainment systems, and increased energy efficiency.

The official report reveals that the Exynos Auto T5123 is focused on offering the most intelligent features to vehicles, which is why it comes with SA and NSA compliant 5G support, allowing download speeds of up to 5.1Gbps. This means that the chipset will be able to support video calls and streaming of content supported by 5G.

Obviously, this work will not be done by the T5123 alone, but will be accompanied by the Exynos Auto V7. This piece of silicone will be responsible for handling the infotainment systems. It has an octa-core A76 CPU and Mali G76 GPU. This chip uses a neural processing unit to operate the voice assistants, as well as provide facial and gesture recognition functions.

Last but not least is the Power IC S2VPS01. It is an integrated circuit created by Samsung to take care of power management and regulation of electric power flow for better performance. It is said that one of the first brands to adopt Samsung’s new solutions will be Volkswagen, so we will definitely see cars with these chips during 2022.

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