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Scary pictures of Russian children – so close to Sweden

Scary pictures of Russian children – so close to Sweden

Scary pictures of Russian children – so close to Sweden

Shocking images of Russian children are being circulated just seven kilometers from the Norwegian border.

Thomas Nielsen, editor of the Barents Observer newspaper, posted the photos on his X account on February 11. These photos show young Russian children receiving military training in Pechenga, a city in Murmansk in northern Russia. All children carry automatic weapons.

The photos have now been verified, reports NRK.

-It's a completely new daily life for us. This is brutal for us who live near the border,” Thomas Nielsen told the news channel.

See the photos by clicking on the link below the article

“Totally surreal”

The Norwegian town of Sør Varanger is located just a few kilometers from Petsamo. Today, Sør Varanger has a friendship agreement with the Russian city.

The agreement will be terminated with immediate effect.

This was announced by Mayor Magnus Maeland.

-It is heartbreaking to see young people have to go through this. He told the TV channel that it was completely surreal.

“Perfectly normal activities”

Lieutenant Colonel and Director of the Military School in Norway, Bally Ydstippo, confirms that photos of Russian children are not a new phenomenon.

– These are completely normal activities in Russian society. This is something that the Russian authorities have developed along with other activities to push the state's form of what could be called patriotic education, Yedstepo told NRK.

Moreover, the presenter says that the authorities and private companies such as the Wagner Group are behind the military training of young children in Russia.

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They set up youth camps that include weapons training and other military training.

Thomas Nielsen of the Barents Observer was very surprised.

-It is very special for me to see these photos. “It is quite clear that the social landscape on the other side of the border has completely changed since we traveled there,” he told NRK.

The newspaper's editor fears that many in Norway do not understand the seriousness of the changes that Russian society is going through.

– It's not about kids lying down at the shooting range in Tivoli and shooting air rifles. These are professional soldiers, adults who train children.

See pictures of the children by clicking here

Photo: iLaperin

Text: Editors