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Scientists discover fossilized crab from the age of dinosaurs

Experts found a crab fossil in amber stone that is more than 100 million years old; Living creature lived in the age of dinosaurs

The anatomy of the crab was complete, so it is evidence of living things from millions of years ago

Renewal, October 24, 2021 fossils They are fossils of the remains of organisms that lived at a particular time.

Therefore, the residual results fossils are among the most fascinating things to specify details about living creatures Millions of years ago.

Recently, the magazine science progress Posted study Made of small stone amber who kept leftovers crab full.

The study indicates that the remains are complete, so their discovery is confirmation that crabs have been around for 100 million years.

«The new fossil preserves large compound eyes, delicate mouthparts and even gills,” the study explained.

Second, specialists found that crab Found with a modern appearance, it resembles the living things that live today.

Regarding the amber side of the fossil, the study states that “apparently Trapped in a fresh or brackish water environment near an estuary coastal environment.”

The crab was considered the animal that dominates the earth

On the other hand, experts added that with this discovery, crabs can be considered the animals that conquered the world. Earth.

The above was indicated because the crab has survived different types of climate and water and against predators.

The results of these excavations indicate that the first crab That survived on Earth, was fresh water, and existed for more than 125 million years.

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Experts reconstructed the crab’s anatomy in digital form for analysis

fossil analysis

The Scientists Performed an autopsy reconstruction crabThey indicated that it has antennae, mouth parts, eyes and nostrils.

As a result, scientists determined that crab when Coincidence and characteristics similar to the current organisms.

In the age of the crab, the study stated, “In the fossil record, non-marine crabs evolved 50 million years ago, but this animal is twice that age.”

Similarly, amber fossils are known to date back to the age of dinosaurs and are found in sediments in the case of Kachin in the north MyanmarAnd Burma.

Small crab skeleton completed