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Serbia is mobilizing its forces on the Kosovo border

– We are monitoring a large Serbian military buildup along the border with Kosovo, says White House Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

According to him, the amount of tanks, artillery and mechanized infantry was unparalleled.

– We believe that this is a very destabilizing development, he says.

City police Anthony Blinken Call the President of Serbia on Friday Aleksandar Vucic He urged him to step down immediately and return to the negotiating table.

– Kirby says: – We call on Serbia to withdraw its forces from the border.


Vucic denies that the forces are in “the highest levels of combat readiness.”

He told reporters: – We do not have even half the number of soldiers that we had two or three months ago.

Kosovo declared its independence in 2008, but Serbia did not accept secession. In the Serb-dominated northern part of Kosovo, opposition to the central government is strong.

On Sunday, a Kosovo policeman was killed by armed Serbs near the border. A gunfight broke out that lasted several hours after the perpetrators barricaded themselves in a monastery. At least three people were killed in the clashes. Kosovo accuses Belgrade of being behind the attack, which the United States says included 20 vehicles, weapons and military equipment.

– It’s worrying. “It doesn’t seem like a group of guys decided to do this,” Kirby said.

NATO could strengthen

Secretary General of NATO Defense Jens Stoltenberg He stated in a statement that he decided to “authorize additional forces to respond to the emerging situation,” and continues:

“We will always take all necessary measures to maintain a safe environment and freedom of movement for all people in Kosovo.”

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Stoltenberg did not mention any numbers, but the British Ministry of Defense announced that it had prepared a battalion consisting of 500 to 650 individuals for the NATO operation in Kosovo.

According to the ministry, the battalion, which is part of the reserve forces in NATO’s operation in Kosovo, recently arrived in the region to conduct pre-planned exercises.