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Severe knockout at KSW 70.  The pole fell on the boards

Severe knockout at KSW 70. The pole fell on the boards

No surprise. Rafaz Kijansuk (11-5) was brutally beaten by Evan Erslon (12-1) in the KSW 70 gala at Łódź. The match did not go over the first round. Showed the presence of dynamite in Croatian fists.

Voltaire Osovsky

Evan Erslon

Press Products / KSW / Photo: Evan Erslon

Pole and Crore started off casually, but if you know the fighting style of the two, you can expect it to be quiet before the storm. Evan Erslon just put pressure on the stand-up.

Grod finally moved on and hit Kijansuk very hard. The 30-year-old followed that blow, freeing his arms and knocking the pole down with a series of blows, almost knocking him unconscious. It was a severe knockout.

Evan Erslon proved to be one of KSW’s best strikers. This is the ninth success he has had in his career. After the victory over “Kizana”, the Croatian challenged Tomas Nargun for a rematch.

Rafał Kijańczuk suffered his first defeat at KSW. The 29-year-old from Chełm stabbed Yann Kouadja in his debut in the first round.

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