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Shocking incident. The ambulance was unable to enter the hospital premises

The operation took place at the entrance of the Independent General Medical Hospital No. 2 PUM in Szczecin. There is a video on the network where an ambulance with a patient cannot enter the hospital premises due to a closed gate. The vehicle had to wait a few minutes, even though there was a man inside who needed immediate help. The caretaker in charge of the gate was asleep.

In the background of the recording recorded on the internet, you can hear the emergency screams of the rescuers.

“Lord, open up,” he said alive.

The caregiver’s hard dream

The caregiver’s sleep was so difficult that the person was not awakened by the ambulance siren, he slept for a few minutes, after which the person was admitted to the ambulance hospital premises. Through the open window one of the paramedics shouted “Hello!”

Ecotrade, which is responsible for the security of the facility, admitted in an interview with the media that investigations were ongoing and that the caretaker had been suspended.

However, a hospital spokesman acknowledged that this was a single incident and that the patient who was in the ambulance at the time was safe and well.

– The patient was safe, in the care of rescuers. Regardless of this, the collaboration with the person on duty at the security location is complete – the hospital’s spokeswoman Bokna Bartkievich, in a message sent to

A post posted on the Tic-Tac-Toe website by an Internet user caused a real stir on the Internet. The film was seen by almost half a million people in three days.

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