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Silentown Kids: Picturesque Adventure Trailer

Silentown Kids: Picturesque Adventure Trailer

With “Children of Silentown,” Hamburg-based publisher Daedelic has announced a new adventure game is in development for PC and consoles unspecified and will be released in 2022.

The developers of Elf Games are responsible for the development of the title, who, according to their own data, set themselves the goal of offering you an exciting adventure. The story centers on a village located in a forest inhabited by monsters. It is not uncommon for people to disappear in this village. You are in control of young Lucy, who wants to investigate everything and find out what the missing persons are all about.

hand drawn adventure

The developers describe Lucy as a girl who is afraid of the jungle and who is haunted by its noise in her dreams. Despite everything, she gathered all her courage and began to investigate the mystery of the missing villagers. You lead Lucy through various hand-drawn areas.

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Silentown Kids takes place in a beautiful, hand-drawn 2D world in a dark and creepy style. Lucy can solve the puzzles in it by combining different objects with surprising results or play mini-games with the other children of the village. Music also plays an important role and singing can help Lucy in difficult situations.”

One fun feature of “Children of Silentown” is the fact that Lucy can free herself from difficult situations through singing and tapping into the power of music. The official trailer gives you first impressions.

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