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Skånska Dagbladet | Requirement for a negative test upon entering Denmark

This summer is one of the most important purchases you can make; One iltapp. Those hot days are still around the corner and barbecue evenings are just around the corner. Being able to serve professionally is tempting at any celebration. Beer taps keep beer cold and you can save it so it’s easy to pour into a glass and transport to the deck chair.

Other important parts for the perfect home bar.

thank you A powerful shaker that you can shake your drinks into until they are delicious.

Tape size A real bartender measures the ingredients of a drink to get the perfect balance of taste. A good drink should not contain a lot of alcohol and is usually distributed between 4-6 ml/drink.

bar sel – If you are going to try really advanced drinks, this is a must have in your home bar. You can use this when shaking the drink, for example, if there is ice residue or leftover berries in the drink you want to filter.

confused An ice breaker is very similar to mortar. Perfect for crushing ice or eg lemon and mint as in a really good mojito.

Barskid Longer spoon is perfect for stirring drinks into taller cups. The spoon is usually too small for larger cups.

Several events have been canceled this summer!

There are many who mourned that summer festivals And other events have been cancelled. By managing your own home bar and offering Questioning You’ll be away this summer, after all. Many experts and meteorologists claim that we have a hot summer to look forward to. So the best thing we can do is have fun at home and make the most of each day.

So not only are flights canceled, but many major summer festivals and other gatherings are also included. If we get such a promised summer, we have a lot to look forward to. Many people are used to traveling on their holidays, and this year it will not be popular at all. Most people celebrate their holiday at home.