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slag. Strengthening Polish society as a condition for the return of Szymon Woźniak? We know the player’s position

In recent years, Szymon Woźniak has been a high point at Moje Bermuda Stal Gorzów, but has often returned to his home club. The competitor himself responded to this in the program “The Third Wiraż”.

Artur Babic

Szymon Woźniak

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Jocz / Pictured: Szymon Woźniak

Another guest of Marcin Majewski on “Trzeci Wiraż” on Canal Plus Sport was Szymon Woźniak. In an honest conversation, Żużlowiec Moje Bermudy Stali Gorzów spoke about his friendship with Bartosz Zmarzlik, the inspiration Rafa Wilk is to him, or revealed behind the scenes a weaker start to the 2020 season.

However, the most intriguing question for fans was the question about the possibility of moving to Abramczyk Polonia Bydgoszcz. Woźniak did not settle permanently in Gorzów Wielkopolski and on the program spoke of a regular move to the Lubuskie Voivodeship. However, he will not have to experience this if he decides to return to his local club.

– There can be no such idea in my head. I am really a very practical person. I try to downplay the distant future. Of course I wish the best for the Polish community, because it is a wonderful club with great traditions. I am absolutely convinced that sooner or later she will return to PGE Ekstraliga, because that is where she is – said Szymon Woźniak in “Trzeci Wiraż”.

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– Currently I am a player for Moje Bermuda Stal Gorzów. I try to do my job with Stal as best I can and am also more connected to the club, including. Because of fans, management, colleagues or sponsors. So I feel good in Gorzów and this is the best place in Poland for my development – the former Polish singles champion has distanced himself from the rumours.

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Marcin Majewski tried to follow the topic further and asked if this situation would change after Abramczyk Polonia returned to the highest level in the game. However, this did not change the tone of Woźniak.

– I would be very happy about that (in case the Polish diaspora upgrades to PGE Ekstraliga – Editor’s note). I have already spoken to Mr. Jerzy the counselor about this several times, because we have a very good relationship and so far we are dealing with it with a smile. I wish Polish society would return to PGE Esktraliga, but I’m not waiting for that at all with a contract on the table – concluded Szymon Woźniak

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Will Szymon Woźniak ever return to his club?

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