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Śląsk Wrocław associated with Jagiellonia Białystok

About the first 20 minutes of the match between Silesia and Jagiellonia, one can only say that they were played. Both teams were trying to approach high pressure, grab the ball quickly, and the match was played mainly in the middle zone.

Selassik Wroclaw – Jagiellonia Białystok 2:2 (1:0)

The sentiment began with a sharp attack by Puerto Israel on Mateusz Brasilek. A young man from Silesia flew high into the air and after the fall sought medical help. The Spanish referee was only punished with a yellow card, and the hosts midfielder did not return to the field. A few moments later, Bartosz Kojic, another central defender for the guests, was reprimanded with a yellow card. From that moment the advantage of the hosts was obvious.

First, Exposito hit a superb free kick, but Xavier Dziekoński showed an even better display. Robert Petsch also had a chance to score, but his rivals were able to block his shot. And when it seemed like the crowd wouldn’t see any goals until the break, Krzysztof Mączyński got a great pass. The Silesian captain played to the far post, where Exposito hit the net with a technical shot from close range.

The second half started with Jagiellonia’s attacks that quickly made a goal. After the corner kick, the ball in front of the penalty area went to Thomas Brickrill, who immediately decided to take a shot and the struggling Michal Zromnik had no chance. After a moment the score could have been 1: 2, but Jesus Emaze did not manage to beat the well-placed Silesian goalkeeper.

During this period, the inhabitants of Wroclaw gave the impression that they stayed in a restroom. They quickly lost the ball and played standing up and watching what their opponent was doing. If not for Szromnik, guests should drive after a quarter of an hour.

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Silesia survived the pressure, moving the match a little further from his team’s penalty area, but the visitors still had the advantage. Jagiellonia played very high pressure, which the hosts were completely unable to handle. The visitors quickly seized the ball and their actions lacked an effective finish.

Residents of Wroclaw occasionally left half of them, and practically did not enter the guest penalty area. Until the 82nd minute. Then the ball hit the left wing of Marcel Zilla, who crossed the post where Adrian Schechzars was running. The Silesian midfielder won the aerial duel and ended up in the net from close range.

Wroclaw wisely moved the match away from his team’s penalty area and looked like they were going to hold the win. They only made one foul, they lost the ball and after a counterattack, Imaz led to the equaliser with his header. Silesia resumed the match from the inside, but soon the referee whistled for the last time.