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Slovenian domination of the mammoths in Vikersund.  The position of the Poles is concerned

Slovenian domination of the mammoths in Vikersund. The position of the Poles is concerned

Six Polish reps went to Vickersund to compete in the World Fly Skating Championships. Coach Michel Doyal, who himself has been absent due to a coronavirus infection, has appointed Kamel Stoch, Piotr Seka, David Kobaki, Bowie Vasek, Jacob Woolney and Andre Stuka. It was known from the beginning that two of them would be eliminated, because only four poles could participate in the playoffs.

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“Now we have a season like 2014/2015”

The Slovenes moved away from their rivals, and the Poles took the lead in the first training sessions

The competition for a place in the competition between the Poles was fierce. Andrzej Stêka³a showed his best in the first training session. He landed at a height of 195 meters. However, what was left of the “Piao Zeronic” flew away.

Jacob Woolney reached 210.5 metres. Paweł W ± sec also landed in this area. He turned out to be 4.5 meters worse than his teammate, but he set his new personal record – 206 meters. In contrast, Daoud Kobaki was definitely hoping for a longer jump. 200 meters is the distance he reached. Our Olympic medalist is ranked 35th.

The FIS will violate its own rules. There is a decision regarding the competition for the World Championship in Flying

Kamel Stoch (15th place) and Peter Shea were closer to the leaders. They both jumped from the low sprint. The first beam of the thirteenth beam reached 209.5 meters, and the last of the sixteenth beam – 213.5 meters.

Timmy Zajk (225 m) won the first training session ahead of Peter Breivik (239 m). Immediately behind them was Daniel Andre Tandy (222 m). There were up to six players from Slovenia in the top ten. But Halvor Egner Granerud failed along the line. He landed 172 meters with problems and was 41 years old.

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Zajc and Kraft’s second training, the Poles are far

The second training session showed that the jumpers from Slovenia are very strong and will take seriously the fight for medals. Timmy Zajc won again (238 m) with ECHO with Stefan Kraft (238 m). Robert Johansson (234 m) came in third and Karl Geiger (233.5 m) was fourth. Behind them were the Slovenes: Domen Privik (238.5 m), Ani Lancik (227 m).

How did the Poles do? Andrzej Stękała reached 209 m, placing him in 26th place. As a result, he got ahead of Pawe Wąski, who improved his best (210.5 m) and Jakub Wolny (205 m). Daoud Kobaki was the worst of the ‘Biao Zeronic’. The Olympic medalist landed at a height of 205 metres.

Piotr Żyła flew to 222 meters and took 18th place. In turn, the entire Stoch reached 216 meters. This put him in twenty-fifth place.

World ski jump champion Pavo Fierto in 1941He served as the world champion in jumping in the Waffen-SS. He did not live until next winter. Forget the Nazi World Cup

The qualifying session is scheduled to begin at 15:50. 45 competitors will participate. 40 of them will be promoted to the main competition.