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So the prince disappeared from school | Swedish lady

Prince Felix suddenly disappeared from his school. Here’s the tragic truth behind it.

Yesterday came a message that shook Denmark. Prince Felix, son of Prince Joachim, chose to leave his military education – just a month into the school year.

What makes it even more mysterious is that the Danish royal family did not want to explain the background to the split. They think it is about privacy and refuse to explain further.

Therefore, Prince Felix suddenly disappeared from the school

It is clear that many in Denmark are scratching their heads about development.

“It is very surprising, and it shows a change in a royal house,” says Danish historian Lars Hofbacke Sorensen. BT . newspaper.

And Historian Michael Bregensbough says::

– It’s a clear violation of tradition. Previously, it was normal for a member of the royal family to take military action. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

In fact, Felix is ​​not the first member of the family to leave his military education prematurely. Older brother Prince Nikolai did the same, although it lasted two months, not one. It later turned out that Nikolai was pressured by his father to choose the military path. In an interview with Billed-bladet, Joachim showed evidence of a certain remorse for this.

– Princess Mary asked me if I was sure this was a good idea for him. “Are you sure it’s that kind?” “Of course it is,” said Joachim, recalling how quickly he realized that Nikolai was unhappy in the army.

– It was a meaningless situation.

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The whole story teaches me to put my own standards and expectations aside.

And now Felix erred in the fault of his father, just like older brother Nikolai. The Danish prince’s children have shown that they intend to go their own way – no matter what tradition prescribes.

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