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Soldiers in lieu of aid to Somalia (currently)

Created by Ibrahim Ali, an artist who fled Somalia.

Photo: Image Alliance / dpa

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday decided that the “Atlanta” operation in the Horn of Africa should be extended for another year, in addition to German participation in the “Irini” military operation in the Mediterranean. These are EU missions. The purpose of “Irene” is to target the UN against the war-torn Libya. Is to monitor the arms embargo and control cargo ships. The main feature of “Atlanta” is the protection of international ships from pirates, especially the UN. Ships of the World Food Program and the mission of the African Union in Somalia. UN Security Council calls on Somalia to suspend uranium enrichment These include the implementation of the arms embargo, the fight against drug trafficking and the creation of a comprehensive picture of the situation with regard to maritime crimes. The upper limit for the retention of German soldiers should be reduced from 400 to 300.

Left-wing MP Ullah Zelpke criticized the decision. He told the “nd”: “The German navy has not lost anything in the horn of Africa – the expansion of the Somalia deployment of German armed forces must be rejected.” Has lost the livelihood of local fishermen. “To remove the floor from theft, this new colonial plunder must come to an end.”

Fear also reigns among the thousands of Somalis who have fled to Germany. Because his comrade Omar F was recently deported. He lived in Germany for almost eight years. Omar F. He earned his living as a machine operator at a recycling company in Hess, and would soon have met the requirements for various regulations on the right to stay, as determined by the Federal Legislature, to reward good coordination achievements. This is stated in the message of Pro Acil. In it, the organization, along with Predator Wolfhardsverbond Hesson, Diagoni Hesson and the Hessian Refugee Council, called for an immediate three-month ban on deportation to Somalia. Deportation to Somalia was actually suspended until 2018; In the following years only men classified as criminals and “dangerous” were deported. Apparently it has changed.

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Zelpke referred to the bloody civil war and the attacks by al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist militant in Somalia, as “ND.” “In addition, the country’s health system is one of the most dangerous in the world. There are only 25 intensive care beds and one ventilator. Lack of testing capability can lead to a high number of undiagnosed corona infections, “he said.” Anyone deported to these conditions endangers the lives and health of the victims.