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Koenigsbrun: Judo Koenigsbrown at PSV: Video tutorial with guests from Africa

36 minutes ago

Better video tutorial than doing anything, those in charge of the judo industry at PSV Conixbrun. Guests from Africa may also attend.

Virtual training time is not uncommon in these times. Fitness studios have already lined up their members for something like this at the onset of the corona epidemic. Entertaining and high performance athletes can find a lot of videos on the internet to suit and coaches show right or wrong actions in their workouts via stream. Along with the many online training sessions offered by clubs in the region, there are also rumors – after all, it is ignored in these epidemics, and it is as important to many as actual training.

Former Judo fighter Johannes Daxpacher of the Police Sports Club (PSV) was also scratched. Koenigsbrun His bodyguards are usually almost around – but his training time is still special. In addition to PSV members, there are also judokas from Africa.

Good connections to Ethiopia

Johannes Doxbacher is one of the most popular judo fighters in Ethiopia. The 57-year-old trainer for riot police in Kிக்nigsbr தொடங்கn started the “Judo for Ethiopians” program in 2010 and has been volunteering since then. To do this, he and his wife Regina travel to Ethiopia on average once a year, where he organizes free judo camps, trains instructors and takes belt exams. But DocSpatcher has been in contact with other judokas from Africa, so there were participants from Sudan and South Africa.

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They switched to Koenigsbrunners via Zoom, and the coach greeted participants in English: “Hello everyone around the world.” Instructions for the exercises were also in English, but Doxbachcher also occasionally malfunctioned in German – for example when he was re-counting. The exercises focused on coordination, strengthening, stretching and mobilization. Some of the Africans participated diligently, while others watched it and were busy discussing it when the question and answer session began.

Africans are waiting for vaccines

Tetla Mulat, from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, reported on the corona situation in his country: “Infection rates continue to rise and the country is eagerly waiting for vaccines. We all look forward to better days. “On the other hand, Roberto Orlando from South Africa spreads a good mood:” It is great to be able to meet so many people from all over the world. ”When Johannes Doxbacher told him that there was a lot of snow in Bavaria in 2021, someone on the other side of the world smiled and sent his camera to his garden, where the family had a barbecue.

A picture from another time: Regina Doxbachcher (right) wants to come to Germany one day with two judo students, Meskerem and Sehe.

Image: Johannes Docksbacher

Wajj from Sudan reported on his judo plans for International Women’s Day, which then ended with the arrival of 19 – year – old Meskerem, who wanted to come to Coengsbrun with her sister Sehe in 2020. Manelik Mesfin from Ethiopia stressed how excited he was about the training: “It motivates us to keep going. A few weeks ago the government allowed us to start training again, but we had to avoid physical contact. We focus on technical training and keep our distance. “

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Slow becomes boring

This is no different for the Konyxbrunner who have to keep their distance in Judo’s contact game. Exceptions Siblings Alexander and Felix Mல்லller were also able to try a few handles. “Through video training we have created an unnecessary virtue so we can add our friends from Africa as well,” says Johannes Doxbacher. He wants to keep the club’s active athletes involved: “More than half of the club’s athletes regularly attend video training sessions and I’m glad we can do something together again. Reducing inactivity slowly becomes boring. “

That’s why DoxSpatcher hopes he and his team can meet face-to-face for a training session soon. There are no pleasant interruptions and unavoidable jokes about long human hairstyles that can be heard in Koenigsbrun and other video conferences.

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