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“Sometimes Racing sees itself as very good,” warns Imhoff.

“Sometimes Racing sees itself as very good,” warns Imhoff.

The Argentine winger Racing 92, whose winning attempt against Toulon, talks about his team’s qualification. But remember that this is just a step before the final stages.

What prevails next This victory over Toulon And the article you entered?
Juan Imhoff: The passion is complicated… There are a lot of people who think we won something but we just qualified. I’m honest with you: this was the first time that Racing didn’t qualify for the Top 14. Can you imagine that? For me, we have achieved the bare minimum of our goal. We are in the race to win titles. I don’t hide from you that I’m still angry about the European Cup (Loss in the semi-finals to La Rochelle, editor’s note). Qualified in the Top 14, it’s nothing. This is our number one goal…Hot, I can’t share my feelings. It was strange that the last game of the season was so close together. It wasn’t easy, it was a real round of 16 round.

And your test?
I’m glad we needed it at this point in the game. It is a test that is not given. I don’t even know where the bullet came from. I was surprised. But that being the case, I’ve always been told you have to be in the right place at the right time. (…) I would not say that it is a talent. But what has made my career strong is being everywhere and all the time.

Is it still a comfort to say you’re not the first racing team not to qualify?
This time, we came really close to failing to qualify. I don’t want to be so hard on myself and the team, but sometimes we see each other so handsome. Rugby isn’t that, it’s not talent. With fifteen talents, she does absolutely nothing. I think going back to basics helped us. I’m a little sick of people saying rugby is a reaction team. It’s tough because after a while, it won’t go away. As an experienced player because of my age, I try to convey that message. We just did the job, we got to the quarter-finals.

You won’t see me with a beer or eat anything. I have a match to prepare for, maybe the most important because it’s the next match

Juan Imhoff

Have you ever had such a crucial regular season game?
no. There is a showdown against Bordeaux in 2017, and it looks like it was the only match like that. When you have both directions and you don’t have a big enough team, it gets complicated. The Top 14 Championships are the longest and most complex in the world. We saw it with Toulon tying twelve games in a row without getting the weekend. very Difficult…

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The race is still in the final stage but has won a few titles. How do we treat it?
Personally, my priority is my recovery. You won’t see me with a beer or eat anything. I have a match to prepare for, perhaps the most important because it’s the next match. I am trying to convey this message to young people: nothing is certain. I am never satisfied. Even when someone comes to congratulate me. I was moved because there are men leaving who are brothers. Real brothers.