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Sony Vets in a New Studio;  You will create an NFT game in the "exclusive" PS4/5 style

Sony Vets in a New Studio; You will create an NFT game in the “exclusive” PS4/5 style

25 June 2022, 21:25

Two veterans of the PlayStation Studios family — working, among others on The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Days Gone — have created a new studio. His first project is to be a high-budget NFT game, based on similar assumptions to the flagship exclusive titles for PS4 and PS5.

Michael Mombauer and John Garvin, two longtime members of the PlayStation Studios family, founded New studio. he claims Lithosand her first project is to be “The First True AAA Web 3.0 Game” for PC and consoles (Across VGC).

WEB 3.0?

Web 3.0 is defined as the Internet where users can not only view and create content (Web 2.0), but also own it. The latter is possible thanks to NFT – you can read more about it here.

Single player and multiplayer in one

The production should be titled Ashfall Taking players to a world affected by global warmingFilled with “volcanic rings of fire”, “mysterious and destructive energy fields” and “human pockets fighting each other”. Assuming we’ll start our adventure alone, but It will transform into a multiplayer experience over timeenabling players to cooperate (PvE) and compete (PvP).

Our goal is to create a true game for the modern generation – an open world that uses the latest technology to empower users to create content,” John Garvin said last Thursday when Liithos was announced.

Seeing a AAA game with NFT

The creation of content by players is made possible by the Hedera network, which uses a “local and energy-efficient cryptocurrency” His name is HBAR. Users will reportedly be able to decide if they want to use it. The main purpose of this solution is to enable them to create and collect exclusive virtual goods that can be traded.

As it is widely understood NFT raises many concerns among playersMichael Mombauer – as if he was blowing cold – described Liithos’ conception of irreplaceable symbols with the following words:

In my opinion, there is some misunderstanding about what blockchain-based products could be. I see it as a railway and video game hub. […] NFT, on the other hand, is a valuable cargo delivered to players by trains. It’s a way to experience a deeper and more engaging experience than ever before.

Mombauer and Garvin – who are they?

If the above names mean nothing to you, know that:

  • John Mombauer, CEO of Liithos Studio, was for thirteen years Head of the Visual Arts Services Group at PlayStation Studios. During the Uncharted series and The Last of Us series; Some time ago he co-founded the studio That No Moon.
  • John GarvinVice President of Creative at Liithos, as well as Director and Screenwriter Ashfall, previously worked at Bend Studio on Days Gone – also as a director and screenwriter; Date Ashfall is to start with comic strips written by, and drawn by Brett Booth (known from DC Comics and the series) global storm).
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