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SpaceX's Cargo Dragon capsule has returned to Earth

SpaceX’s Cargo Dragon capsule has returned to Earth

The capsule was launched with a parachute into the Gulf of Mexico near Tallahassee, Florida, on Saturday at 5.29 in Poland. It is brought aboard the Go Navigator.

According to Spaceflight, research samples that require rapid transport by helicopter will be flown to the space center. Kennedy in Florida. Scientists will analyze the results of experiments there. The ship will return the capsule to Cape Canaveral for refurbishment and reuse on a future mission.

This mission was SpaceX’s 22nd flight with round-trip cargo delivery to the International Space Station since 2012.

Spaceflight reports that “Cargo Dragon separated from the space station Thursday at 10:45 (4:45 p.m. in Poland), two days later than originally scheduled. Managers ordered to wait for Tropical Storm Elsa to move away from Florida.”

This mission was SpaceX’s 22nd round trip to the International Space Station since 2012. NASA has contracts with SpaceX and Northrop Grumman for commercial supply missions to the International Space Station.

According to a NASA spokesperson, during the last flight, the Dragon capsule delivered more than 3,300 kg of cargo to the space station, incl. For experiments, update the solar panels. In turn, the astronauts loaded about 2,400 kg of cargo with the results of research and experiments, as well as equipment that will be transported to Earth.

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The experiments included, among other things, research to investigate how gravity affects the freeze-dried material as well as the structure, composition and activity of oral bacteria. NASA has shown that this could help develop treatments to combat oral diseases on long space missions to the Moon and Mars.

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