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Sports Show: ASV Hamm-Westfalen follows Gummersbach in the German Handball League

Sports Show: ASV Hamm-Westfalen follows Gummersbach in the German Handball League

As of: 06/03/2022 8:42 PM

After VfL Gummersbach, ASV Hamm-Westfalen also managed to advance early in the Handball Bundesliga. On the penultimate day, there was a 34:27 (17:16) victory against TV Großwallstadt.

The match that was supposed to bring ASV Hamm-Westfalen back to the Bundesliga after 2010/11 (at the time as syndication with Ahlener SG) got off to the worst possible start. After only 35 seconds, first player Danny Bigins received the first two minutes of a penalty kick. TV Großwallstadt took advantage of this and scored two quick goals, but Jan von Boenigk limited the underman damage with ASV’s first (third) goal.

Baijens Helps Hamm After a Difficult Initial Stage

Above all, the opponent in promotion found it very difficult offensively. Großwallstadt goalkeeper Jan Stephen Minerva, who managed to hit four shots in the first 10 minutes, played a big role in this. After this time, the guests were 5: 4 in the lead, and in the next minutes the lead was increased to three goals (8: 5/13).

Led by Baijens, Hamm entered the game better and better. With his goals (four in the first half), his assists and his phenomenal speed, he put his team back on track, after 20 minutes it was 10:10. Also strong was von Boenik (also four goals before the break), who made the highlight of the first half with the help of Kemba who gave Biggins at 15:15. In the 30th minute, captain Fabian Huesmann, who was the top scorer of the first half with five goals, put the hosts ahead for the first time (17:16).

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Clear circumstances after the break

With this tailwind, the ASV also exited the locker room and quickly increased to 19:16. Savas Savas only kept Groswalstadt in the match. After 40 minutes, he reduced the difference to 20:23 from his team’s point of view. But the good news for ASV: The 24-year-old will play for Hamm next season – and he showed it was a good decision to sign him.

ASV Hamm-Westphalia’s Danny Baggins tries to score

BILD: Imago / Marco Wolf

However, Savvas has to replace the best hammer with Baijens. The Dutchman will play at HSV Hamburg next season, but he has made sure that it is now clear that he will meet his old comrades there. With his sixth goal to become 25:20 (43 st), Bigins secured a five-goal lead for the first time and opened the door to the Bundesliga. Showing all his genius with his next goal, Bigins scored 27:22 with his weaker left arm (47).

Goalkeeper Bozic drives Groswalstadt to despair

Another guarantor of Hammers’ second-half performance was goalkeeper Vladimir Bozic, who made a save several times to ensure Groswalstadt couldn’t get close. Thus 2,650 spectators in Hamm were already singing after 50 minutes with a score of 31:24 “Never again in the second division”.

With this progress, the ASV took things easy in the final stage, significantly slowing down and downplaying time. But that did not change the lead and the secure victory. In the end it was 34:27 for Hamm, who, like VfL Gummersbach, will compete in the German Handball Championship next season.

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