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Spyro and Crash Bandicoot will have their own animated series on Apple TV +

Two of the most popular Activision franchises are, Spyro the Dragon s Bandicoot Crash They will have their own animated series, as it was recently revealed. These two products have already started production and will be part of the exclusive products of + Apple TV.

According to a report by BuzzfeedAnd the The Spyro series will focus on children and will be produced in half-hour episodes. It will also be supported by Western Animation Studios from Apple Studios, Activision Blizzard Studios, and JibJab Bros. and The Volta.

for this part, Crash Bandicoot will be a children’s series with a less educational approach and more focus on comedy as well with half hour classes.. This, for its part, is being developed by Activision Blizzard Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks and TeamTO, a French studio responsible for projects such as Ricky Zoom or Skylanders Academy.

Spyro and Crash Bandicoot will also return through two animated series | Source: Microsoft

Both series are expected to release during 2022 in short formats and with two possible seasons depending on the performance they have at the time of their official launch within Apple TV +, this company’s streaming service.

Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise that has succeeded in practically all generations of consoles since the CD was included in these. Recently, Activision 4th Edition not Naughty Dog managed to bring the game back into the spotlight.

for this part, Spyro The Dragon hasn’t released a new title since 2011, but in 2018 the first of three remastered titles were released for new consoles. With additional improvement in mechanics and graphics.

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Despite the long time these two franchises have been around, it seems like the time for them to come back with new titles and more media, as nostalgia is the most profitable thing in video games right now.


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