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Starlink in the sky. Elon Musk launched 50 satellites into orbit

Elon Musk launches another 50 Starlink satellites used to share the Internet. They will be carried aboard a Falcon 9 rocket – similar to previous flights. You can see everything in the registry.

Executed by Elon Musk, SpaceX Another flight into orbit with a Falcon 9 rocketTo start the next batch Starlink satellites, in this case 50 pieces. To date, 145 such take-offs and 107 landings have been carried out, the special feature of the missile is that it can be reused. To date, 84 machines have succeeded.

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket model is reinforcementthat helps bring the machine into orbit, but They themselves are not harmed. After fuel combustion, the boosters return to the Earth’s surface. They are there It is controlled automatically And they landed in a way that they could be reused – vertically in one of several designated places.

Starlink satellites are used to deliver broadband Internet to places on Earth that are not otherwise available. To get it, apart from paying a relatively high subscription fee, it is necessary to purchase a set with a special antenna in advance. However, there are places in the world where There are simply no alternative ways to receive the InternetSo the solution offered by Elon Musk is practically profitable (because there is no competition).

Elon Musk will lose 40 satellites.  SpaceX devices hit a geomagnetic storm

Elon Musk will lose 40 satellites. SpaceX devices hit a geomagnetic storm